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Succulents Delivery Melbourne

Succulents Delivery Melbourne from FloraLaura.com.au

  • Ugly Shoe 

    Clay shoe made by a young local artist used as a planter for a small succulent.
  • Bamboo 

    Bamboo planter with small succulents. One side is carved with a beautiful scenery.

    Dimensions: 35 cm x 6 cm x 6 cm.
  • Hanging Cup 

    Hanging Cup with one succulent.

    Dimensions (each): 15cm x 15 cm x 9/30 cm.
  • Miniature Blue Jars Pair 

    Miniature blue jars in pair with small succulent and ornamental red sand.

    Dimensions: 10 cm H x 6 cm diam (each).
  • Succulent in a Cup 

    Succulent in a large blue cup with saucer.

    Dimensions: cup: 10 cm x 17 cm x 12 cm; saucer: 20 cm diameter.
  • Candy Jar 

    Tall candy jar with succulents and ornamental rocks and sand.

    Jar dimensions: 6 x 6 x 24 cm.
  • Small Teacups 

    Set of 3 small teacup succulents with golden heart design.

    Dimensions each: 7 cm x 15 cm diam.

    Succulent may be different from the pictured one, depending on best available plant. Outdoor or indoor planter.
  • Spikes 

    A potted succulent in an artistic wire planter.
  • Heart Succulents Tin 

    Heart shapped succulents tin container with a time stained aspect.

    Dimension: 15 cm x 15 cm x 6 cm.
  • Meadow 

    Meadow scene created with succulents and small house decorantion.

    Support dimensions: 43 cm x 22 cm x 12 cm.

    Outdoor planter, if used inside, please use a saucer underneath when watering the plants.
  • Large Black Tray With Succulents 

    Large black metallic tray with assorted succulents.

    Dimensions: 35 cm x 16 cm x 14 cm.
  • Tomis 

    A glass plate stand with blue and white lighthouse decoration and assorted rocks, succulents and seashells.
  • Aluminium Shell Succulents 

    Aluminium shell succulents arrangement for a modern look.

    Dimensions: 32 cm x 9 cm x 25 cm.
  • All Around Succulents Arrangement 

    All around succulents arrangement in a self-watering terracotta pot with white ceramic saucer. Just pour water in the middle container and it will absorb and spread evenly to the plants.
  • Forest Gnome 

    Forest gnome in a hanging basket.

    Dimensions (with pole): 45 cm H x 30 cm diam.
  • Key Holder 

    An old key hooks rack transformed in a succulent holder.

    Dimensions: 55 cm x 15 x 4 cm.
  • Playground 

    Succulents in wooden planter with girl in swing chair decoration.

    Planter dimensions: 10 cm x 25 cm diam.
  • Wonderland 

    Wonderland succulents large arrangement in an old wooden fruit stand. Teapot clock is ornamental only, it does not work.

    Dimensions: 20 cm H x 35 cm diameter.
  • Sea Shore 

    Wooden carry box succulents arrangement with sea shore theme.

    Box dimensions: 30 cm x 34 cm x 17 cm.
  • Hamper Box Mumm Champagne and Succulents 

    Hamper wooden box with Mumm champagne and succulents.
Succulents in unique planter gift box many of our succulent arrangements are made using unique preloved planters or other items that inspire us.
A little bit of nature in your home can instantly make you feel happier. Eco-friendly. Long lasting. Starting at $35.
Succulent plants are as diverse as Melbourne.

Succulents are a contemporary idea in plant and flower arrangements for offices, hotels or restaurants. Unaccompanied or assorted with flowers, they also look great in homes. Their gorgeous green colors complement naturally with numerous modern interior designs and are strong build, in a variety of temperatures and humidity levels.

Choose FloraLaura for charming succulents Melbourne style!
Let us create your own succulent garden on your desk. Group these cute plants together to create a statement. Succulents are grown as ornamental plants because of their outstanding and unusual appearance. With minimal care, in medium to high light but without much direct sun.

Succulent gardens are great for improving your mood no matter you are an expert nature fan or first-time plant owner.
Succulents enjoy direct to moderate sunlight. Do not pour water directly into the succulent garden, but mist generously with water every two weeks. The roots of succulents do not like to sit in water so do not overwater.