How to Care for Your Succulents and Keep Them Alive

July 3rd, 2017

So you just received something from our succulents Melbourne delivery service and are looking for general advice. Or you are about to order and you are afraid you won’t be able to maintain the plants at their best. Don’t be!

Smiley face ceramic succulents pot - $59

Smiley Face Ceramic Succulents Pot – $59

Here are some easy steps to be sure your plants will be healthy and happy next to you.

Succulents are plants that have evolved and adapted to the natural environment. In some parts of the world, the rainfall is seasonal and the plants growing there have to adapt to their water needs by storing it within their tissues. Succulents have achieved this, although as always there are exceptions to the rule. You will find the Agaves and Yuccas under the succulent label but they differ because their leaves do not appear to store water but they are considered drought resistant plants.


Many succulent plants grow inside, but they are equally happy in a warm spot in the garden or a rockery. The flowers of succulents tend to be unexceptional, as they are grown more for their interesting foliage and ability to stand more abuse than some of the demanding houseplants. In their natural surroundings, these plants grow in a sunny environment so to grow them well inside, a well-lit, sunny spot is required. Turn these plants each day or as often you can in the week so that each side of the plant gets a dose of sun. This prevents the plant from growing in one direction and becoming disfigured.

The succulents are heat-loving plants and are happy in our living conditions, but do enjoy cooler conditions in winter. This replicates the climate from which they originate. Take houseplants outside during the year on the warm days. Leave tender plants with fragile leaves inside if rain is imminent because of the likely hood of rain damage. Translucent covers whether plastic or glass give protection from the rain if you wish to leave them outside.

These plants with their natural water storing abilities are what make them easy to look after but again consider their natural habitat. The growing period is during the wet season, after the rain, however, they rest and receive little water but they do get some. So water your plants with this in mind. Adequate watering in the growing season but limiting the water in the rest period, enough to stop the pot from drying out but not so much to rot the roots! Water the plants that have fragile leaves from the base tray; leave the pot long enough for the water to reach the top of the potting mix. Don’t have the time to do this, then get a watering pot with a narrow spout and water from the top. This avoids water splashing and damaging the delicate leaves.

Most of the succulents will only need repotting once a year into a larger pot, some I find can happily be left for 2-3 years. The optimum time is generally when the plant is coming into the active growth season. If you plan to use ordinary potting mix, do add some coarse sand or perlite. Suggested proportions are two parts potting mix to one part sandy mixture.

The Crassulas and Echeverias almost plead to be multiplied! The leaves break off very easily, and it is just a case of planting the broken piece in another pot! If you want to move these plants, it may pay to leave them to dry out a little so they are softer and easier to move. Succulents also multiply from leaves, cutting off the leaf with a sharp knife and left to dry. Plant on an angle in a pot, the angle is where the new plant will appear.


Caring for this plant properly is important. Fortunately, the succulents are quite sturdy, so it will put up with a certain amount of neglect without your losing the plant. They do need water, but not as much as many other types of plants. It is important not to over water your succulents. When you over water your succulent, you make them vulnerable to plant rot. Let your plant dry completely between watering.

Please remember: most plants need to be watered continuously – this is not so for the succulents. Let them dry completely before watering them once more.


Succulents do not like being in colder temperatures. Protect these plants from frost, which will kill them.

Succulents also do very well when you turn their pots in the sun on a regular basis. Succulents need a lot of sunlight. They prefer indirect light to the direct, so provide them with bright, filtered, indirect light by either keeping them indoors and near the window or if you grow them outdoors, grow them under the shade of trees, just like in the wild. It always seems as if one side of the pot gets more light than another. It is best if you can try to turn the plant pots on a regular basis to make sure they get enough sunlight on all sides. Try doing this on a daily basis so it is less noticeable and the plant is most comfortable.

Fertilize these plants every 6-8 weeks, do not over feed, as the plant may become top heavy with lush weak growth. Some of the plants do not need feeding. You can use your own judgment as to their requirements. Too much fertilizer can be worse than none at all. From experience, I recommend using a low nitrogen fertilizer at about to ¼ the recommended rate. Succulents perform equally well without any fertilizing if light, water and temperature conditions are good for them. Using organic fertilizer is always an ideal choice when compared to synthetic ones.

The soil for succulents needs to be lightened to help provide good drainage. You can lighten the soil by using either Perlite, sand or any other soil amendment you can find at your local plant store.

This plant looks beautiful and unique in any home. It can make a beautiful window garden as you fill the area next to your window with tiny succulents. Larger succulents are most comfortable in pots on the floor in other locations where they can be sure to get enough sun. Your experience growing succulents will largely be determined by the sunlight in your home and the sunny and dry climate in your area if you are growing them outdoors.

FloraLaura is the Best Florist in Melbourne?

January 9th, 2016

And if you ask me, the short answer in YES!

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Flowers and Gifts for Mother’s Day

May 3rd, 2014

Large Shell - $49.95With Mother’s Day Just one week away, I am sure you already have in mind what to buy your mum.
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Gifts for Mother’s Day at FloraLaura
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What I’ll send to my mum?
Thank you for asking. 🙂
She is very “home oriented” and I really think a home decoration is something that she’ll love. So Large Shell is my choice ($49.95) and I’ll put in my order a Tulips bunch ($39.50) + delivery to Box Hill + a free gift card I’ll have Mother’s Day flowers and gifts, delivered for $89.45.

10 Valentine’s Day Gifts that Go With Flowers

January 21st, 2014

Searching for ideas on what to buy your girlfriend this year? Nothing simpler than this! After doing a quick brainstorming session, we have come up with 10 key-ideas based on the main impression this king of gift can make. Let’s see what each of them has to say:

  1. Romantic. Love is the focus of this special day so if you want to show the love you have for her; you have to bring something special to the game. You have to recreate an image similar to what romance movies show. Think of anything that would imply showing your love and appreciation. A romantic dinner at the most amazing restaurant in the city or a picnic in the park will make the woman in your life will feel more loved than ever.
  2. Fun. If your girlfriend likes to be entertained, make sure she has plenty of fun on this occasion. Organize a night she will never forget. You can go out for the movies, you can go out to a club, have a dance lesson together, or even buy a gym subscription for you to go together.
  3. Thrilling. Take fun to another level and make exciting plans. Go for skydiving, paintball skydiving or any extreme sports, but only if you and your girl are up for the thrill.
  4. Relaxing. If your girlfriend is in a lot of stress during the week, you could take advantage of this day and give her the full treatment at a spa center. Recharge her batteries and join her if you like.
  5. Total proof of love. If you are willing to make the step, you could plan the most beautiful proposal. Choose how you want the proposal to take place and plan everything. Buy the ring and determine how you will propose to her.
  6. Memories. Celebrate the memories you have together or create new ones. You could handcraft your own album or go for a customizable one such as the box album for 100 photos. You can book a Valentine’s photo session for the two of you and make other nice photos for the album. Start your own story now!
  7. Bling-bling and clothes. Let her sparkle with heart jewels or stones that correspond to her zodiac sign. There is plenty material on how to choose a stone online or ask for the specialized help in the jewelry store. Pendants, necklaces, bracelets, rings, you name it!

Don’t forget the outfit for tonight so surprise her by picking out the dress she will wear. That is if you know what she likes and moreover, you know her size.

  1. Artistic interests. Be it music, dance or literature, there are plenty of choices to get around. If you already know what she likes, lucky you! Take her to a ballet performance, a rock concert or to a book signing for her beloved author. Search the available options online or call a friend for help, just make sure she will enjoy and everything goes smoothly.
  2. Fly away. Book a quick city break for the two of you. Simply send her a card containing the tickets or invite her to choose a location and get away from it all. A couple of days away from work, family and trouble will save the moment and help you detach. Not to mention that travelling together gives an opportunity for bonding and coziness.
  3. Tech your way. Is she a computer freak or tech lover? Make sure you check-out any available option or even her wish-list online and get her what she wants most. From the simple metal iPad holder to a full-featured computer or game set. Have you checked the new offers yet?

Having that said, we must remember that there are a multitude of choices around Valentine’s Day gift and they do not all revolve around plushy hearts. The above options are only a guideline for you to choose the most convenient one. Have fun with your Valentine!

What is Valentine’s Day Really About?

January 15th, 2014

We hear about it every year on the radio while going to work, on the TV during infomercials or hear about in the movies.

But what is Valentine’s Day really about? Some say it is a celebration of love, others consider it a religious day, an occasion for special events, even a conflict between communities who agree or not in celebrating it, and last but not least, it relates to different customs and traditions. When we first think about it, we probably imagine red hearts flying around, scented candles lit, and romantic flower bouquets. Maybe even Cupid striking an arrow and hitting the one you love? Or is it sad, since Cupid has missed and stroke a wrong person instead?

All our Valentine’s Day flowers are here!

V-day mostly related to Love. That would be the general picture. It refers to love under all its forms, especially romantic love that we feel one for the other. It goes on by expressing this profound love by means of simple or more sophisticated gestures. Not to mention that beyond the symbolic meaning of the holiday people make gifts and spoil their loved one.

Either by material gifts, traditional Valentine-themed items or more customized presents, the purpose of the holiday becomes offering and reminding us how important it is to make happy the one next to you. Again, it could be an occasion for a romantic getaway for the two of you, so both parties are in advantage. You could choose a place special for your relationship, or maybe an area that you have not explored yet. You could create new memories together or start your own adventure in a high-end place. If you want to make it even special, you could propose to her, anyway you like.

V-day is famous for romantic marriage proposals, one more original than the other. As well, many couples decide to join their destinies into marriage on this particular date. Valentine’s is also the Christian celebration of a saint, according to a certain legend of Saint Valentine, the protector of love. On February 14th we commemorate the death of martyr Saint Valentine. Christians have pilgrimages every year to honor the Saint for his bravery and courage. For the sales departments, shops and the marketing industry, Valentine’s Day has become increasingly important, since it gives the opportunity of promoting love-related products, more than during the rest of the year. It has created new products due to the demand for inventive and creative gifts. Marketing levels are high during times of holiday, especially on V-day, since promotion of this day can be made anywhere and by any means possible. Nonetheless, Valentine’s can bring up a conflict between communities.

It is a known fact that V-day has various customs and traditions, depending on the culture it was adopted and celebrated by, but there are cultures or cultural groups that refuse to celebrate the event, dully justifying their reasons and this could result sometimes in unpleasant discussions or significant conflicts. Mostly, Valentine’s Day is about love, joy and happiness, free expression of feelings and positive thoughts.

Let’s make the most of it! Your Valentine…

Finding Fresh Flowers at the Last Minute: Essential Tips that Can Work

August 17th, 2013

Pink flowersFlowers are a big part of the decoration in any wedding. Everybody wants their weddings to be perfect and flower arrangement can have a great impact on creating the wedding decoration that you have always dreamed of. If you want a fairy-tale wedding for yourself then you would need to understand that the flower arrangement can have a huge bearing on the overall look of your event. Flowers have been used in decoration for centuries and they are not just important for weddings but they are used for aesthetics on birthdays, parties and even business meetings. A simple yet elegant arrangement of flowers can make your day even more special. If you are an event- manager or are just planning a party at your own home then you would need to know how you can get flowers at the last minute. Sometimes your florist may bail out on the eleventh hour or you may not know you would need to host a party until it’s too late to order the flowers for it. But you can always find flowers for decorating your home or party just a few hours before the event. Here are some tips on how you can manage such a seemingly impossible feat.

Visit The Nearest Florist: Florists always keep some flower arrangement ready at their stores. Although it can be difficult finding flowers of your choice on busy days like the Valentine’s Day, you can always find something of your interest at the nearest store. You can always look around the shop, take your time and find the flowers that you think would suit your event best. If it’s a wedding you need flowers for then avoid picking some of the rare flowers because weddings require a lot of flowers and even the big florist shops don’t keep a huge stock of rare flowers at their shop. If you want flowers for a business meeting or a house party then try picking out from the prepared bouquets that are present at the shop.

Keep it Simple: One thing you need to know is that if you are running late on a flower arrangement then you can’t be picky about the flower arrangement. As they say beggars can’t be choosers. You can’t make elaborate flower decorations for your events in little time. Your time could be better spent on other more important details. So it’s better that you pick the most simplest flowers that are easily available on all florist shops and try to make the best out of them in the little time you have. If you are good at flower arrangements you can create beautiful designs with whatever you have available.

Fake It: Nowadays you can even use fake, plastic flowers for decorating your home or the venue for your event. You can find numerous stores that can sell you plastic flowers. There is a huge variety you can pick from. They can even sell you fully prepared flower arrangements or bouquets and all you would have to do is to put them at the right place so that everyone can see and admire them. Needless to say the fake flowers and plants require less attention than the real ones, so they are easily available. Make sure that you buy those flower arrangements that look real so that the guest would not be able to note the difference.

Get Help from an Expert: Flower arrangement is like any other talent; it’s not possible for everyone to create beautiful designs that an expert can do. If you are running out of time and you really need to use flowers to decorate your place then it might be a good idea to get help from an expert. Remember an expert florist has to deal with such situations several times in his career. If you have a good florist in family then ask them for help, but if there is not, you can always go to a florist near your home. They might charge you extra for working on short notice but you would have to admit at the event that it was worth it. You can look after other details while a florist can work his magic and make sure your guests would be impressed by the decoration.

Flowers are an essential part of decoration on any event, so if you are planning an event on short notice you can’t have it without the proper flower arrangement. These tips can help you pull of an impressive event with beautiful flower arrangements even in the short time you have.

How to keep flowers fresh and last longer

July 13th, 2013

We know you love flowers. We love them too. Therefore we will learn how to care for them, so we can enjoy them more.

1. Before you put them in water, it is essential to shorten them a little. If you can cut diagonally, do it. The flowers will be able to absorb more water. Please cut them daily.

2. Choose a vase with a wide opening so the water will oxygenate and will maintain better properties for your flowers.

3. Change the water and wash the vase every day.

4. Do not let the water to reach the leaves because that stimulates bacterial growth. The water in the vase should be as clean as possible.

5. Put the flowers in a cool shady place in the room, away from direct sunlight, heat sources or strong current of air.

6. Remove faded flowers from the bouquet or arrangement. Flowers, as humans, have different lifetime depending on numerous of reasons. If you remove wilted flowers, the ones left will last longer.


What if the flowers have wilted a bit from the heat before you can put them in water?
Open the bouquet, cut flowers and put them into a pot of cold water for 5-10 minutes, then remove them and put them in a vase normal. If the flowers were fresh, they will come back pretty quickly.


We hope to deliver you as many flowers you wish to receive! 🙂

Better price for Mother’s Day flowers

April 29th, 2013

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Fast florist in Albert Park Melbourne

April 17th, 2013

Did you forget about your sister birthday and you need immediately a florist in Albert Park Melbourne? Your partner’s birthday is this week and you don’t have a gift yet? Do you want to surprise a beloved friend today but you don’t have in mind something original and funny? FloraLaura can help you with all these situations.

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So, choose us, as the fast florist in Albert Park Melbourne and you won’t go wrong.     We offer you a vast range of flower arrangements, gift baskets and funny extra products like bottles of wine, teddy bears or helium balloons. Ordering on FloraLaura is the easy way to buy a perfect gift. We offer you a convenient method to buy flowers because all the payment and the delivery details are online. Go on, order the perfect arrangement of flowers and tell us the address of your recipient. Then, pay it with PayPal, eWAY with VISA or MasterCard, Pay by phone or come to our flower shop and pay it cash. After that, our courier will deliver your choice directly to your closed ones, at home, at the office or in another place. We have a friendly service according to your desires.

We had a great experience in Albert Park Melbourne. We delivered one dozen red roses and champagne to a woman on Kerferd Pier where she and her husband were gazing at the city lights. They were celebrating 20 years of marriage and he surprised her with an unexpected gift, delivered right on the place they first kiss. She was very moved and excited. This couple knew that true love is. Flowers are the best way to celebrate love because they are beautiful and delicate like a relationship.

So, if you are searching the perfect gift for a great occasion like the one above, choose our floral delivery. FloraLaura will help you send flowers to your partner, to your family members or friends on special events or not. Just to say Hello we recommend you colored roses or tulips; to congratulate someone the perfect gift is Chrysanthemums in mini basket or Carnation basket; to say I love you the best way is to send red roses in different combinations and bouquets. All you need is right here, at FloraLaura.

21st birthday balloons

April 7th, 2013

If you are searching for some 21st birthday balloons, you found the best provider for that. FloraLaura is the best florist from Melbourne that offers you a great collection of beautiful arrangements of flowers and funny helium balloons. The best gift for a young woman who celebrates 21st years is a large foil helium balloon saying her age and a big bouquet of her favorite flowers. Trust us and choose FloraLaura for an awesome surprise to your girlfriend, best friend or daughter.

21st birthday balloons are a unique way to say Happy Birthday. Let’s be original and congratulate our closed ones in outstanding ways. Send them great arrangements of tulips, lilies, roses or orchids, wonderful floral basket and chocolates, bottles of wine or teddy bears. Add a 21st birthday balloon and your gift will be the most beautiful. Be sure the recipient will love your idea and will admire our work.

Did you know that red roses are the perfect way to tell your feelings? Every woman who receives red roses feels love, admiration and appreciation from the part of the man who had send her the flowers. Next to 21st birthday balloons, red roses can be perfect for your partner who’s turning 21 or for your closed sister. Add a romantic message to your order and the surprise will be sublime for the one you love. Add a sweet teddy bear for your sister and she will be excited to receive such a great gift.

True feelings of admiration and trust are passed by gorgeous floral baskets full of mixed and colored flowers. Send splendid bouquets of flowers directly to your partner’s house or office and the surprise will be high. We saw great reactions of surprise on the faces of our recipients. Some of them are totally excited and happy to receive the flowers; others have confused reaction and don’t believe the flowers are for them. Many women say we are committing an error and the flowers belong to someone else. The surprise is huge if you send flowers to your spouse on an ordinary day. Try it with FloraLaura and you will embellish your partner’s day.

21st birthday balloons are here, on our website, and they are expecting your order. So, if you urgently need a gift for someone who’s 21st these days, look through our selection of arrangements and bouquets, choose the one you like most, add one of our 21st birthday balloons, finish the order, pay online and be sure the gift will arrive fast and safe to your recipient. Let FloraLaura to help you offering the best gift ever. If it’s about a special friend, your partner, a family member or a coworker, don’t forget to call FloraLaura, the best florist from Melbourne. We deliver in every suburb with great professionalism and quality.