10 Valentine’s Day Gifts that Go With Flowers

Searching for ideas on what to buy your girlfriend this year? Nothing simpler than this! After doing a quick brainstorming session, we have come up with 10 key-ideas based on the main impression this king of gift can make. Let’s see what each of them has to say:

  1. Romantic. Love is the focus of this special day so if you want to show the love you have for her; you have to bring something special to the game. You have to recreate an image similar to what romance movies show. Think of anything that would imply showing your love and appreciation. A romantic dinner at the most amazing restaurant in the city or a picnic in the park will make the woman in your life will feel more loved than ever.
  2. Fun. If your girlfriend likes to be entertained, make sure she has plenty of fun on this occasion. Organize a night she will never forget. You can go out for the movies, you can go out to a club, have a dance lesson together, or even buy a gym subscription for you to go together.
  3. Thrilling. Take fun to another level and make exciting plans. Go for skydiving, paintball skydiving or any extreme sports, but only if you and your girl are up for the thrill.
  4. Relaxing. If your girlfriend is in a lot of stress during the week, you could take advantage of this day and give her the full treatment at a spa center. Recharge her batteries and join her if you like.
  5. Total proof of love. If you are willing to make the step, you could plan the most beautiful proposal. Choose how you want the proposal to take place and plan everything. Buy the ring and determine how you will propose to her.
  6. Memories. Celebrate the memories you have together or create new ones. You could handcraft your own album or go for a customizable one such as the box album for 100 photos. You can book a Valentine’s photo session for the two of you and make other nice photos for the album. Start your own story now!
  7. Bling-bling and clothes. Let her sparkle with heart jewels or stones that correspond to her zodiac sign. There is plenty material on how to choose a stone online or ask for the specialized help in the jewelry store. Pendants, necklaces, bracelets, rings, you name it!

Don’t forget the outfit for tonight so surprise her by picking out the dress she will wear. That is if you know what she likes and moreover, you know her size.

  1. Artistic interests. Be it music, dance or literature, there are plenty of choices to get around. If you already know what she likes, lucky you! Take her to a ballet performance, a rock concert or to a book signing for her beloved author. Search the available options online or call a friend for help, just make sure she will enjoy and everything goes smoothly.
  2. Fly away. Book a quick city break for the two of you. Simply send her a card containing the tickets or invite her to choose a location and get away from it all. A couple of days away from work, family and trouble will save the moment and help you detach. Not to mention that travelling together gives an opportunity for bonding and coziness.
  3. Tech your way. Is she a computer freak or tech lover? Make sure you check-out any available option or even her wish-list online and get her what she wants most. From the simple metal iPad holder to a full-featured computer or game set. Have you checked the new offers yet?

Having that said, we must remember that there are a multitude of choices around Valentine’s Day gift and they do not all revolve around plushy hearts. The above options are only a guideline for you to choose the most convenient one. Have fun with your Valentine!