Flowers and Gifts for Mother’s Day

Large Shell - $49.95With Mother’s Day Just one week away, I am sure you already have in mind what to buy your mum.
If you don’t, please read further. If you do, let’s try change your mind. 🙂

Gifts for Mother’s Day at FloraLaura
From now, your favourite Melbourne florist sells gifts too! It’s great news for us and I really hope is a good one for you because all we try to do here is to establish a one stop shop for any flowers and gifts needs you have.
Think about it: you can easily buy and send flowers in Melbourne from us (or any other florist). But what about gifts? Why spend more and more time searching online for something nice and on a good budget? Starting now, we offer more than 200 gifts on stock, ready to be delivered in Melbourne SAME DAY, with or without flowers. Watch out: the stock is limited!
The cheapest gift starts at $2.50 and the most expensive one is under $130.

What I’ll send to my mum?
Thank you for asking. 🙂
She is very “home oriented” and I really think a home decoration is something that she’ll love. So Large Shell is my choice ($49.95) and I’ll put in my order a Tulips bunch ($39.50) + delivery to Box Hill + a free gift card I’ll have Mother’s Day flowers and gifts, delivered for $89.45.