What is Valentine’s Day Really About?

We hear about it every year on the radio while going to work, on the TV during infomercials or hear about in the movies.

But what is Valentine’s Day really about? Some say it is a celebration of love, others consider it a religious day, an occasion for special events, even a conflict between communities who agree or not in celebrating it, and last but not least, it relates to different customs and traditions. When we first think about it, we probably imagine red hearts flying around, scented candles lit, and romantic flower bouquets. Maybe even Cupid striking an arrow and hitting the one you love? Or is it sad, since Cupid has missed and stroke a wrong person instead?

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V-day mostly related to Love. That would be the general picture. It refers to love under all its forms, especially romantic love that we feel one for the other. It goes on by expressing this profound love by means of simple or more sophisticated gestures. Not to mention that beyond the symbolic meaning of the holiday people make gifts and spoil their loved one.

Either by material gifts, traditional Valentine-themed items or more customized presents, the purpose of the holiday becomes offering and reminding us how important it is to make happy the one next to you. Again, it could be an occasion for a romantic getaway for the two of you, so both parties are in advantage. You could choose a place special for your relationship, or maybe an area that you have not explored yet. You could create new memories together or start your own adventure in a high-end place. If you want to make it even special, you could propose to her, anyway you like.

V-day is famous for romantic marriage proposals, one more original than the other. As well, many couples decide to join their destinies into marriage on this particular date. Valentine’s is also the Christian celebration of a saint, according to a certain legend of Saint Valentine, the protector of love. On February 14th we commemorate the death of martyr Saint Valentine. Christians have pilgrimages every year to honor the Saint for his bravery and courage. For the sales departments, shops and the marketing industry, Valentine’s Day has become increasingly important, since it gives the opportunity of promoting love-related products, more than during the rest of the year. It has created new products due to the demand for inventive and creative gifts. Marketing levels are high during times of holiday, especially on V-day, since promotion of this day can be made anywhere and by any means possible. Nonetheless, Valentine’s can bring up a conflict between communities.

It is a known fact that V-day has various customs and traditions, depending on the culture it was adopted and celebrated by, but there are cultures or cultural groups that refuse to celebrate the event, dully justifying their reasons and this could result sometimes in unpleasant discussions or significant conflicts. Mostly, Valentine’s Day is about love, joy and happiness, free expression of feelings and positive thoughts.

Let’s make the most of it! Your Valentine…